The Ultimate Guide To Buying An Inflatable Mattresses

The Ultimate Guide To Buying An Inflatable Mattresses

Having the right inflatable mattress is ideal for your living room.

One thing that shoppers want is a reliable inflatable couch. You’ll have to understand a few mechanics before getting one that supports your needs. We give the information necessary to know before buying a bed. This helps the reader make the best decision when they are out shopping.

Inflatable Sofa with people

We use consumer reviews to give extra information that we might have missed out on.

Also, we provide a detailed price information to help find which sofa fits into your budget. By giving you a unbias review, we hope to increase your buyer’s confidence.

Where Can I Buy An Inflatable Couch?

It’s a common question that most consumers find hard not to ask. Before you can buy an inflatable sofa, you should know information beforehand. This helps you when making a confident buying decision.

Buying online is the preferred choice of today’s shoppers. When looking for an inflatable couch, check the consumer reviews. This helps give a detailed insight on what you’re looking for. Online shopping creates a safe and efficient method of obtaining your sofa.

Amazon buying online

Alternatively, looking up a couch in-store is a safe method. It allows you to inspect the sofa’s abilities before making a purchase. When buying compare prices of other sofas and couches online. This makes it easier to bargain and find better deals with your couch.

Inspect the couch in store and buy it online. This is a good practice if you are seeking the best inflatable furniture. We suggest conducting careful research before buying from the best source. It makes it easier to obtain a sofa that’s worth your investment.

How To Take Care Of Your Air Mattress

Sometimes that intex pull-out sofa inflatable bed doesn’t work as it used to. While inflatable furniture is comfortable, it’s not as sturdy as regular furniture. We’ll give you a few tips on taking care of your mattress.

If your mattress has punctures, use a simple repair kit to fix it. Most repair kits come with a sealant. The sealant works to prevent the leak from spreading across the mattress. Use sealants to keep your bed in good shape.

Repair Kit for Matresses

To prevent over inflation, make sure to use the valve properly. Inflate the mattress up to 90%. This prevents the bed from losing quality and damaging itself. Keeping it maintained is an excellent way to want to expand the lifespan of your mattress.

Understand that price is important in deciding your inflatable couch. With the price, you’ll see the value the chair provides. Fortunately, the seats on this list provide utility for almost any occasion. Read the review below to get the best inflatable sofa worth your time and money.

Intex Inflatable 2-In-1 Pull-Out Sofa

Technical Specs

  • Simple to install/Fold
  • Seats 2 People
  • ​Fast Inflation/Deflation Valves
  • Dimensions: 76” x 87” x 26”

Intex Inflatable 2-In-1 Air Mattress


The index queen inflatable pulls out sofa bed is designed for relaxation and comfort. It’s constructed out of high-quality vinyl it improves the users sleeping experience. Also, it comes with inflation and deflation valves. Thus, making it a great sofa for camping trips.

Versatility is a value that’s noticed with this couch. The inflatable sofa serves as both a couch and a futon. With a few adjustments, the user is easily able to switch between the two. Intex inflatable sofas are designed for multi-purpose use, and this sofa does a great job at doing that.

Another advantage lies in its easy inflation/deflation system. Users who tried the couch took an average of 30 minutes to get it started. The inflatable furniture sofa takes seconds to deflate after use. Overall, it’s a good inflatable bed for campers needing a fast set up.

Over 23% of customers found the flaw with the lack of air control. After a few days of use, the base of the couch loses its air capacity. We suggest adding air into the inflatable sofa chair if this situation occurs. It’ll help your chair expand its lifespan and stay working properly.

Overall, we find this chair useful for and outdoor camping trip. Users who use this chair experience its varied results immediately. While it has issues with its deflation, proper maintenance helps the chair remain working proficiently. Thus, you should get this chair for an all-purpose support.


Intex Inflatable Corner Sofa

Technical Specs

  • 2-And-1 valve for inflating/deflating
  • Comfortable Surface
  • ​Supports up to 880 lbs
  • ​Constructed out of Vinyl/Waterproof Materials
  • Dimensions: 101” x 80” x 30”

Intex Inflatable Corner Sofa Bed


Next up is the Intex Inflatable Corner Sofa. It’s designed with a neutral off-white color to fit in any living room. Since it supports up to 880 lbs, the chair can be used by multiple people. If you want a comfortable chair, this might be the ideal choice.

On an Intex inflatable couch review, a shopper reported about its comfort settings. The base of the couch comes with an inflation chamber. When in use, the inflation chamber acts as an added layer of support and comfort to the user. Because of this, it’s a comfortable inflatable sofa to be used at home.

Durability is a defining advantage with this inflatable couch. It remains in use even if there are multiple holes poked inside the couch. Due to its multiple chambers, users stay relaxed when resting on this bed. You’ll want this for your living room if you need something that acts as a temporary couch.

However, it loses value if used extensively. Users who try this inflatable chair notice its lack of support in the back chamber. After six weeks, the couch begins to receive obvious holes throughout. We suggest using this only if you need something for a short period.

Still, the chair works in home and camping environments. People who used this chair like it’s various range of applications. The couch serves as a living room lounge equipment and a quick rest area. Thus, it’s a chair that campers and homeowners don’t regret using.

Intex Inflatable Ultra Lounge With Ottoman

Technical Specs

  • Chair + Ottoman Included
  • 2-and-1 Valve
  • ​Compact & Lightweight Design
  • ​Quick Inflation/Deflation
  • Dimensions: 39” x 30”x 51”


Third on our list is the Intex Inflatable Ultra Lounge with Ottoman. Not only does it comes with a lounge chair, but also an ottoman is included. This doubles your comfort by having a relaxing chair and a footrest. You’ll like this inflatable chair set if you’re in need of something that is versatile.

Shoppers liked the use multiple methods that the chair provides. Customers liked the cup holders that came with the chair. It allows the user to have an added beverage which maximizes their relaxation experience.

Improved recline and relaxation are other features that make this chair useful. The chair allows the user to lean back with customizable comfort settings. For users who want to improve their posture, this might be a right choice for you.

Inflatable Couch reviews noticed it’s lack of support for larger users. The chair is lightweight; it’s only able to support up to 200lbs of weight. Larger users saw an increase of holes when using the chair. This might be a problem if for the larger homeowner in need of temporary furniture.

The Intex Inflatable Ultra Lounge with Ottoman serves as an excellent gaming chair. It’s packed with features such as improved recline systems and cup holders. Consumers find this chair useful if they want something lightweight to lounge on.

Intex Inflatable Empire Chair

Technical Specs

  • Combo Valve
  • 2-ply bottom
  • ​Recommended for Outdoor Use
  • Dimensions: 44” x 43” x 37”


Some of the best inflatable products come from Intex. And this chair is no different. The Intex Inflatable Empire Chair consists of a durable ply bottom. Also, it’s used for various areas (dorm, outdoors, patio, etc.). The chair is ideal for users needing something inexpensive yet functional.

Users praised the durability of this chair. When used in outside areas, the couch shows little flaws. The 2-ply design keeps the chair working in hot environments. Thus, it one of the best outdoor inflatable furniture for campers wanting something on their patio.

Also, the chair supports larger users. People above 200lbs and 6″ are backed by this chair. The chair’s durable covering keeps the user relaxed when pressure is applied. That’s why this inflatable outdoor sofa is ideal for long term support.

But, consumers across the board found issues with the chair. 22% of the user base felt that the chairs were too clunky. This means that it’s harder for the user to relax while on the chair. We suggest keeping this chair outside because of its sturdy design.

This outdoor inflatable chair has a reputation for being durable. When placed in outside environments, the chair remains in good condition. But sometimes the chair is considered too sturdy. Because of this, you’ll find ideal if you need a piece of furniture for camping.

Bestway Multi-Max Inflatable Couch with Air Pump

Technical Specs

  • Serves as a Couch & Bed
  • Coil Beam Constructed Materials
  • ​AC Air Pump
  • Dimensions: 74” x 60” x 25”


Last on our list is the Bestway Multi-Max Inflatable Couch. It’s constructed out of coil beams. The beams work together to make the user feel comfortable. We suggest using this if you want a mattress that enhances your comfort.

Its compact design is the reason why this couch receives high ratings. Customers reported being able to easily place the chair in a duffel bag after use. For campers and homeowners, this couch might be valuable.

Another thing that’s useful is the dual purpose. For instance, the couch turns into a bed within 30 seconds. This saves the user money from buying extra furniture that does the same purpose. Getting this couch for camping or outdoor even is a great idea.

The lack of durability is a disadvantage to some. After three weeks, holes and dents are found on the couch. Larger users won’t like this couch because it lacks the control that others offer. Don’t apply extra pressure if you want to keep the furniture for the long term.

Understand that the Bestway Inflatable Couch is a great piece of temporary furniture. It serves as a sofa and a bed. When in use, the coil beam materials work to keep the body relaxed. Thus, it’s a great entry-level inflatable mattress to have in your living room.

The Verdict

The Bestway Multi-Max Inflatable Couch with Air Pump is the winner. It’s a versatile mattress that serves as a bed and a couch. While it’s not durable as the others, the mattress works even when three people sit on it. Ultimately, we like the chair because of its multi-purpose functions.

Check consumer reviews before buying the couch you desire. This ensures that you have the right insight on what you are looking for. Each of these couches has their purse to enhance your lounging experience. No matter which couch you purchase, you’ll gain a valuable piece of inflatable furniture.

Why not have an inflatable mattress in your home? It allows users to relax and enjoy lounging in their homes. People experience their living rooms becoming an entertaining environment with these chairs. In conclusion, having an inflatable mattress is a life changer

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