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Make Sure Your Little One Sleeps in Comfort with a Toddler Travel Bed

If you have a toddler and are planning to travel, you know what a nightmare it can be in terms of providing a comfortable place for your child to sleep. You may be taking your little ones on a camping trip, staying over with friends and family, or going off on vacation and staying in a hotel. These scenarios can be highly stressful as you may worry about disrupting your child’s bedtime routine. In situations such as these, having a comfortable, high-quality inflatable toddler travel bed can prove to be invaluable. You can provide comfort for your toddler while also benefitting from a travel bed that is easy to transport around no matter where you are going.

Whatever type of inflatable toddler travel bed you are looking for, you will find plenty of choices out there for youngsters to enjoy a good night sleep. Including everything from inflatable beds for camping trips and beach days, as well as canvas beds that are ideal if you are staying at someone’s house or want to put up a bed for your toddler in your hotel room on vacation.

Some of the Great Toddler Travel Bed Options Available

If you want to find the perfect inflatable toddler travel bed for your needs, you can look forward to plenty of choices to suit your personal preferences. Some of the great options available include:

Intex Cozy Kids Inflatable Airbed:

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This airbed is ideal for toddlers and younger children. It comes in a choice of bright, vibrant colors, and it is sturdy and durable. Your child can look forward to a comfortable night’s sleep while you will find the airbed very easy and convenient to travel with and carry.

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This is a twin bed air mattress, which makes it perfect for those with two young children. You can provide them with a comfortable sleeping area with just one bed. It is easy to inflate and comes with a four-inch safety surrounding to prevent kids from sliding off. The bed also comes with a plush, fitted mattress pad which is machine washable.

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This waterproof car mattress is not designed specifically for kids but is ideal if you are taking a long journey by car. The mattress slides nicely onto the back seat, providing your child with a comfortable place for sleeping during the journey. It is also waterproof for added protection and has a soft and comfortable surface to promote sound sleep.

intex dura beam standard single airbed image

This is an affordable single airbed, which is ideal for kids as well as for petite adults. You can benefit from comfort and quality with this airbed, making it ideal for young kids who need sound sleep. The manufacturer uses innovative technology to provide a quality product that is versatile and practical.

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This practical toddler travel bed comes with a protective raised surrounding to stop your child from rolling off. Also, it has a hand pump included so you can inflate it quickly and easily. This toddler bed provides a cozy facility for your little one to enjoy a great night’s sleep. You can also benefit from convenience with this lightweight bed, which deflates with ease so it can be transported.

brats on board traveling crib image

These colorful inflatable airbeds are designed for toddlers and younger kids. They can be used inside the home, as well as for camping and sleepovers. It is lightweight, yet sturdy, and can be quickly inflated with the use of a foot pump. You can use standard sheets, and your young children can look forward to a fun and a good night sleep.

lazynap kids air bed image

This comfortable and practical toddler travel bed is perfect for camping, sleeping over, or just for taking a nap in the home. You can inflate the airbed with ease using the provided electric hand pump. The airbed comes with a flocked top for comfort, and it offers support for your child while they are sleeping. You can deflate and transport the bed with ease when traveling, making it perfect as a travel airbed, as well as one for general use in the home.

the shrunks toddler travel bed image

This portable, inflatable air mattress is perfectly sized for toddlers and provides an efficient and practical solution for parents. You can use the airbed for both the home and for traveling so that you will benefit from its versatility and practicality. In addition, it provides comfort for your youngster and has integrated security surrounding to ensure your little one doesn’t roll off.

outwolf inflatable mattress car airbed image

This is a very versatile travel bed, as it is ideal for young kids but can also be used to provide comfort to traveling seniors. It can be used in a wide range of vehicles and provides comfort for both younger and older passengers when you are going on long car journeys. This product is multifunctional, so if you are not using it for your little ones in the car, you can use it has an inflatable mat for swimming or even a sofa for picnics and camping.

air cloud childs twin air bed image

This vibrant twin airbed provides plenty of room for your toddler and can be used for sleeping two children if required. The air pump comes included with this product, and you can inflate the bed in less than a minute. The airbed offers comfort and quality, so your child can get plenty of rest while you benefit from peace of mind and a little peace and quiet!


We all know how important it is for toddlers and younger children to get plenty of rest. Well, with this selection of inflatable travel beds for toddlers, your little ones can enjoy plenty of rest and quality sleep even when traveling. Whether you have a long car journey to get through, your child is staying over at someone else’s home, or you are traveling elsewhere, these toddler travel beds offer the ideal solution. They also provide a practical and affordable solution for parents.

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