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Get Comfort and Space with a King Size Air Mattress

Air mattresses of any size can provide you with enhanced practicality and versatility. King Size Air mattress can be used in the home for the kids or for unexpected guests looking to stay over. In addition, many are perfect for use outside so you can take them along for camping trips or even use them on the beach or in the garden.

There are various sizes available when it comes to air mattresses, and one of the options is a king size air mattress. When you opt for this size, you can enjoy plenty of space and room to move, which means a more relaxed night’s sleep. Whether it is just you or two of you sharing, the king size air mattress will ensure nobody is struggling when it comes to space.

Get a great deal on your king size air mattress

If you are looking to invest in a king size air mattress, you can look forward to some great deals, and this means you can get excellent value for your money without having to make any compromises in terms of comfort and quality. Some of the king size air mattress options below could be perfect for your needs:

Stansport Air Bed:

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The king size Stansport Air Bed is available at a very affordable price and offers a range of benefits. It has a plush flocked top to provide added comfort and is constructed from heavy-duty PVC to make it totally durable. There is an integrated pump that enables you to inflate the mattress in next to no time. The mattress comes with a repair kit so you can sort out any issues with speed and ease.

Coleman Soft Plush Inflated Quickbed:

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This Coleman Soft Plush Inflated Quickbed comes in a choice of sizes, one of which is the king size. The mattress uses a coil system to ensure you get excellent support, while the plush top provides you with high levels of comfort. The mattress has an Airtight System, which means that your bed won’t deflate during the night; this means a great night sleep and plenty of room to move.

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The Easy Stay 4-N-1 is a very versatile air mattress, as it can be used as a single king mattress, two twins, or one double height mattress. The mattress provides excellent support and comfort for users, and it is both durable and sturdy. It features an integrated Airtight System to keep your mattress inflated through the night, which means you can enjoy comfort from the moment you go to sleep until the moment you wake up.

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The Bestway Comfort Quest is a king size mattress that is perfect for couples and families. You will be able to look forward to plenty of space, so nobody will struggle to get comfortable. Also, you can benefit from the plush, soft top, which adds to your comfort levels. The mattress can be quickly and easily inflated and deflated for total convenience.

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The AirBedz is a deluxe, king-size air mattress that is perfect for use by guests, ideal for camping, and great for the kids to have a sleepover with friends. This air bed provides ample room and is also extremely comfortable and supportive. It guarantees you have a good night sleep. You will be able to benefit from its stylish design, as well as durability and quality, making this an excellent choice for a range of purposes.

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The inflatable king size airbed from Aerobed is a great option for your guest room. It enables you to offer a comfortable place to sleep for your guests. It is a raised airbed, and its firmness enables you to benefit from great support as well as comfort throughout the night. It has a flocked surface for added comfort and a built-in pump for greater ease and convenience when it comes to inflation and deflation of the bed.

Aerobed Sleep Basics:

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This is a 2-zone king air mattress by Aerobed Sleep Basics that offers dual firmness, meaning each side can be adjusted individually so that both parties are perfectly comfortable. The handheld pump can inflate the mattress quickly and without any problem, while the integrated valves ensure that it deflates in next to no time. You will be able to benefit from great comfort and great sleep with this king size air mattress.

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If you want innovation and versatility, then the Coleman Premium 5-in-1 Airbed Mattress is the perfect option for your needs. This air mattress has many capabilities. It can be used as two twin mattresses or as a single king mattress. You can also stack it up and use it as a raised mattress. It even transforms into a flip-out sofa, so you have everything you want in one inflatable product.

stansport 385 king air bed image

This king-size mattress by Stansport is perfect for outdoor activities, such as camping and hiking. It is lightweight and easy to carry around so that you can take it on your travels without any problem. You can inflate it with ease when you are ready to set up for the night, and the firmness and sturdy construction will ensure you get a great night’s sleep and high levels of comfort.

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This stylish and versatile Insta-Bed 3-in-1 air mattress can be used as both a king air mattress and a twin. You can create two standard twins, one raised twin, or a single king-sized mattress from this product. The powerful external pump will enable you to inflate the mattress with ease, while the secure press-lock mechanism ensures that pressure is maintained through the night which means increased comfort and great sleep all night.


Finding the perfect king sized inflatable air mattress is simple these days because of the sheer choice that is available. In fact, many of the products mentioned provide you with the option of creating a king mattress or twin mattresses from the same product. As long as you look for high-quality and solid construction, you can look forward to plenty of space and elevated levels of comfort with your king sized air mattress.

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