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Ergonomic and Safe Toddler Blow Up Bed


Taking your little one with you on that next road trip is sometimes the plan but sometimes unavoidable. However, when you do take them you want to make sure they’re going to be comfortable too. But putting them on an air mattress with you sometimes means there’s not enough room for… well, you. And taking a full-size inflatable mattress just for a small child seems silly. At the same time, however, you want them to be comfortable, so you don’t want to just put them on the floor. That’s what The Shrunks Toddler blow up Bed for Travel is all about. It’s your new favorite ergonomic and safe inflatable toddler bed for a good night's sleep.

The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed

The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed is a portable toddler bed designed for a safe night taking care of all of the concerns that you probably already have about taking your little one on those sleepovers at grandma's house or on that camping trip with you. This bed, made by The Shrunks, is able to help you keep your little one comfortable have bedtime fun, without all the size and even without the danger of falling out of bed.

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  • Perfect size inflatable toddler bed
  • Uses standard crib-size sheets
  • Built-in security rails on the sides
  • Includes carry bag, repair kit, and electric pump
  • Phthalate, BPA, and Lead-safe
  • Weighs less than 7 lb
  • Holds up to 100 lb
  • Bed inflates in less than 1 minute
  • Bumper inflates separately
  • Deflates with electric pump
  • Fits easily into carry bag after deflating
  • Includes different nozzles for pump
  • Perfect for sleepovers and bedtime fun

Results You Can Expect

Overall, this bed seems to be an ideal size for most small children. It’s sized primarily for toddlers and those who would normally sleep on a crib mattress as that is the same size (or similar) to this one. With the built in rails, you can also expect your child to sleep comfortably without having to fear falling off the side. Even still, it’s a low bed that’s much safer for them already and will have just the right amount of support to keep them happy all night.

The size is just right for you to use a crib mattress pad (if you like) and any of your crib sheets in order to get just the right fit and comfort. It’s also small enough that you can carry it wherever you want to go and not have to worry about it taking up to much space or taking away from other things that you need. Plus, it’s the right size for your child without being a full-size air mattress that you feel silly using for such a small child. This is also great if you’re going to be short on space but need something for everyone in your family to use.

Testimonials From Users

Users have found that this is an ideal mattress for a smaller child because of a number of factors. The bed itself is able to use the crib sheets you already have so you don’t need to pick up anything new and it inflates on the inside first, so you can put the sheets on before inflating the bumper. The bumper keeps your little one on the bed if they’re prone to rolling around or have trouble with a standard bed with no rails. It’s also a whole lot softer than the rails on a typical bed.

What it seems, from the feedback of those who have purchased this mattress, is that it’s a great investment for children. If you like to take your children with you on camping trips or even to hotels and aren’t so keen on them sleeping in a regular bed that they can easily roll out of, then you’re definitely going to like this one. It’s reasonably priced, it has a protective bumper to keep them on the bed, and it’s sized to make sense for a small child instead of a full grown adult. Altogether, it seems that this is a great choice for most families with a small child.

What You Need to Watch For

The biggest flaw that some parents are seeing with this toddler bed is that the ‘rails’ don’t actually go all the way around the bed. Instead, they’re only focused in the center of each side and if your child doesn’t sleep in the exact center of the bed they may not work as well as you would expect to keep them in. The bed also can have a little bit of trouble with deflating though it seems that only the outer ring deflates during the night and the mattress itself seems to be stable enough over an extended period.

Some have found that the bed is difficult to deflate entirely and that means it’s a little more difficult to get back into the bag it comes in as the bag is designed quite small. For some, a different bag was required in order to carry the mattress around.

Buying For Yourself

If you’re thinking about buying this mattress you should look at purchasing it from Amazon. It’s considered a No. 1 best seller in the toddler beds category and it’s relatively inexpensive for what you’re getting. It has a comfortable air mattress that’s just like something you would use for yourself—only smaller—and it’s got the railing on the sides to make sure your little one is going to stay in the bed instead of rolling out onto the floor. Plus this bed ships free from Amazon, which is a really important perk that you’re going to like.

Wrapping it Up

An air mattress can be a great thing for your little one when you’re planning on going out into the wilderness or even staying at a hotel (especially if your little one tends to roll out of bed and the hotel one doesn’t have rails). This mattress has a lot of great reviews and some really good fans so it’s definitely something you’ll want to consider. Take a look at how it can help you and the rest of your family when you’re planning on going away. You’ll probably find that it’s going to fulfill a need that you didn’t even realize you had.

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