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Best King Air Mattress Reviews 2017

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Best Inflatable BedIf you are looking for best king air mattress reviews of 2017, we have just the article for you. An air mattress is a 3-dimensional object meant to be used as a bed for sleeping.

Its construction typically revolves around casing filled limited material that allows for a filling of air. The quality of an air mattress is important because it can make or break your functionality in other areas of life.

Without proper rest at night, you may find yourself struggling throughout the day. To get good sleep, we all need something that allows us to rest soundly. Getting comfortable can be difficult, but if you can find a good solution, you may find invaluable benefits. Since it can take a lot for us humans to be comfortable, we need to look at the differences between relevant options carefully. These reviews will be focused specifically on King sized air mattresses.

Well-designed king sized air mattresses can be hard to find due to the stress of the size itself. They tend to be a bit more susceptible to losing integrity than smaller sized versions. Fortunately, we dug around for you and have found some good options to consider. We looked at the various benefits between each one. These aspects revolve around general comfortability and air pressure or firmness adjustability.

Also, some features include special versatility not commonly found in other air mattresses. The best king air mattress will depend on your particular needs and factors. After doing some digging, we have compiled a list of the five best ones. We think you will have plenty to choose from and things to consider. Be sure to take your time and compare them all.

Best King Air Mattress Reviews 2017

Fox Plush High Rise1. Fox Plush High Rise

The Fox Plush High Rise is the best king air mattress for people who are tired of falling into the center of their mattress. The specially designed air flow system helps keep you and others evenly supported.

Since it is a high-rise structure, you can feel natural with getting in and out of bed. The Fox Plush High Rise is compatible with standard fitted sheets, so no more guesswork and alternative solutions needed. Thicker vinyl means this mattress has increased durability than others like it.

Fox Plush High Rise


  • Supports up to several hundred pounds
  • Inflates within 4-8 minutes depending on preference of firmness
  • Internal pump deflates the mattress completely for easier stowing


  • Can be a little leaky
  • Might need additional comfort support such as a foam topper

Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed2. Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed

The Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed is the best king air mattress for those who need a multitude of options. With its ability to be a double high twin, two separate twins, and a King; the Quickbed is an amazingly versatile solution.

The Airtight System and Double Lock Valve ensures that your mattress will keep its air pressure all night long. With the soft plush top, you and your family members can rest comfortably.

Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed


  • Great value
  • Mattress does not stick much on skin contact
  • Durable inner coils give strength and firmness
  • The Wrap-N-Roll design makes it easy to put away
  • If one-half becomes damaged, you can still use the other half


  • Does not include a pump
  • Even in King mode the mattress does not do a good job of supporting a third person

AeroBed Sleep Basics Dual Zone3. AeroBed Sleep Basics Dual Zone

The AeroBed Sleep Basics Dual Zone is the best king air mattress for couples who have different firmness preferences. Both sides of this premium air mattress can be adjusted to separate levels.

If you are exhausted and didn’t have time earlier to fill up the mattress, you will be happy to know that the handheld AC pump makes quick work of the initial setup. The Whoosh Valve makes deflating lightning fast, which is great for when you need to get going quickly.

AeroBed Sleep Basics Dual Zone


  • Fits standard king size sheets
  • If only one person needs to sleep, you can inflate just one side and use smaller sheets


  • There is no gauge so be careful with filling up the mattress too much
  • The pillow-like headrest area of the mattress is pretty useless – you’ll still want pillows

4. Air Mattress King Size

Air Mattress King SizeThe Air Mattress King Size is the best king air mattress for those who are tired of back pain. With plenty of positive testimonials about comfort, the Air Mattress is well known to give great support.

Disgusted by ugly looking options? Thankfully, there is a solid alternative. You will be quite pleased to get one of these mattresses for your home with its great looks. With its laminated vinyl, the mattress will be protected from stretching and creating leaks.


  • Good Customer Service
  • Created by a company that has put in years of improvement
  • When there is no electricity, the Pinch Valve will give you an alternative inflation method


  • Its firmness might be a little more than some people like

5. INNOMAX Medallion

INNOMAX MedallionThe INNOMAX Medallion is the best king air mattress for people who demand the highest quality at a great price. This near-perfection can be had for less than half the cost of its competition.

Both you and your significant other will feel like Kings & Queens with its super plush design. A real nice feature includes two choices of comfort.

You can either utilize the ‘pet me’ pillow top or unzip and flip it over to the 4.2 lbs of memory foam. 38 years of experience & success means they must have been doing something right, which translates to potential buyer confidence.

INNOMAX Medallion


  • Two digital remotes
  • Multi-zoned support for maximizing back and body support
  • State of the art Adjust-A-Rest pump with 50 number controls


  • Cannot be easily stowed away
  • Much heavier on the wallet than lesser quality solutions

With the selection of king air mattresses, we have brought to you today you should now have a better idea of how to best meet your needs preferences. We like solutions 2 (Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed) and 5 (INNOMAX Medallion) the most.

Solution 2 is a really good deal for tight budgets, and with its impressive versatility, you can be prepared for many different situations. Solution 5 allows you to be treated like royalty without having to dish out a life fortune. We hope this article helped you figure out what is right for you. Good luck.

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