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Air Mattress Patch Kit: 5 Proven Kits to Patch an Air Mattress Quickly

Oh, no! Do you have a hole in your air mattress or airbed that is too serious to patch up yourself? It would make matters worse if this were to happen and you didn’t have a warranty. Well, in this case, duct tape and glue won’t help you in the long run. The optimal solution is to purchase an airbed and air mattress patch kit, so you can quickly patch your mattress so it is as good as new. With an air mattress patch kit, you won’t have to throw out every air mattress that gets damaged. So, here are five proven kits to patch an air mattress quickly.

5. Boxer Adhesives Vinyl Waterbed and Air Mattress Repair Kit

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Ranked number five on the list, the Boxer Adhesives Vinyl Waterbed and Air Mattress Repair Kit is a cheap and effective way to repair your damaged air mattress. For small pinholes and punctures simply apply a drop of the wonderful adhesive to the hole in your air mattress and it will soon be back to normal. However, if there is a large hole simply, cut a patch larger than the damaged area and then apply the adhesive to the patch. Then, voila! With the Boxer Adhesives Vinyl Waterbed and Air Mattress Repair Kit, you get a powerful adhesive tool for a listed price of $9.99 on Amazon. Here are some more amazing features:

  • This product comes with a tube of dynamically powerful adhesive and patching vinyl.
  • This adhesive dries very quickly. When it’s dry, the adhesive is as strong as concrete.
  • This versatile product works well with all inflatable mattresses, as well as swimming pools and other inflatable objects.

4. Coghlan’s Airstop Sealant

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Next up on the list is Coghlan’s Airstop Sealant, a wonderful adhesive that can create a firm, permanent seal on any PVC material. This includes inflatable items such as, air mattresses, boats, swimming pools, pool toys, and rafts. In addition, Coghlan’s Airstop Sealant is a trusty piece of insurance in lieu of an accidental tear. So, be mindful to pack this adhesive on camping and boating trips. Without any further delay, here are some of the features of the Coghlan’s Airstop Sealant:

  • This air sealant can patch all PVC material, even PVC coated material such as rayon and nylon.
  • Coghlan’s Airstop Sealant can even repair groundsheets and damaged rainwear.
  • This patch kit is super affordable, only $6.98 on Amazon for a pack of one.
  • Coghlan’s Airstop Sealant comes in a 0.27-oz/ 8 ml tube size, which is more than enough for your patching needs.

3. Tear-Aid Repair Type B Vinyl Kit

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Up next is the Tear-Aid Repair Type B Vinyl Kit is the perfect, heavy duty air sealing kit that can patch up your air mattress no matter what the size is. This adhesive is constructed from powerful ingredients that can seal any patch, without an inch of air escaping from the patch. Additionally, each TEAR-AID Repair Patch is made from an exceptional material that can resist the wears and tears of your air mattress. In other words, the Tear-Aid Repair Type B Vinyl Kit is a professional adhesive that can last, increasing the shelf life of your air mattress. Here are some more distinct features:

  • This product comes with TEAR-AID Repair Patches that are specially made to get the job done.
  • Unlike most patches, the TEAR-AID Type B Vinyl repair patch contains an inhibitor that blocks the oils found in vinyl, increasing the shelf-life of your inflatable.
  • The TEAR-AID patch is transparent and UV-resistant to prevent any yellowing.
  • This patch kit contains a – (1) 3″ x 12″ TEAR-AID patch that can easily be cut with a pair of scissors.

2. Heavy-Duty Vinyl Intex Repair Patch Kit

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Second, the Heavy Duty Vinyl Intex Repair Patch Kit is the most suitable tool for large and small air leaks. This amazing product is equipped with 1000 denier reinforced vinyl coated fabric strips that can easily latch onto any damaged inflatable. That includes your air mattress from a twin size to a California King. In addition, this product is also easy to use and is for ages 14+. Want to know more about what the Heavy-Duty Vinyl Intex Repair Patch Kit is capable of. Here are some more features:

  • This product comes with 1000 denier reinforced vinyl coated fabric strips that can patch any puncture imaginable.
  • The Heavy Duty Vinyl Intex Repair Patch Kit works well with all inflatable items – even pool liners!
  • This patch kit comes with 8.3″ Vinyl rounds and 1 Intex glue kit and a 1/5 oz (5.7 ml) tube of vinyl cement.

1. Blue Magic Vinyl Repair Kit

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At the top of the list is the Blue Magic Vinyl Repair Kit. Not only is this repair kit the best on the market, but it is extremely affordable and downright practical no matter how you use it. With a 4.4 star rating on Amazon, hundreds of customers around the world have been satisfied with this product because it’s inexpensive and it gets the job done. Unlike most repair kits, where air will continue to leak out of the patch, this product ensures that your air mattress or other inflatable is repaired from all damages. Without further ado, here are some spectacular features you won’t find anywhere else:

  • While this product can repair all inflatable objects, it is specifically designed for air mattresses, so this repair kit is optimal for your situation.
  • This repair kit is simple to use and can be used by all ages.
  • The adhesive can dry in less than five minutes.

In essence, if your air mattress is damaged and has an air leak, don’t just throw it away. As you can see, there are some effective air mattress repair kits on the market and they are just for you at a modest price. However, don’t be fooled. Even though these products are relatively inexpensive, you can conveniently patch your air mattress in minutes with any one of these amazing products. So, what are you waiting for? Pick the air mattress repair kit that is right for you.

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