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5 Super-Easy Portable Mattress Options

For Travel, Sleepovers & Guests

Today we will be giving a rundown of 5 super-easy portable mattress options that are great for travel, sleepovers & guests. To start, let’s go over what constitutes a portable mattress. The basics are pretty simple. Firstly, the abilities to carry a mattress and stow it away in vehicles are crucial aspects of their utility. Inflation tends to be the go-to feature of portable mattress design setup.

Back Seat Cushion Air BedThat is just the start, however. The extent of functionality, such as comfort and adaptability can be just as important. Comfort and adaptability are determined by various details and can be expressed in various ways depending on the construction of the portable mattress.

What makes a portable mattress super-easy? We think super-easy boils down to 3 things: the difficulty in the setup, the space it takes up, and of course- features that focus on comfort.

A number of details go into comfortability. In this article, we’ll be focusing on aspects such as the surface and the different support features of a mattress. Remember it is important to think about the actual experience of what it will be like to sleep on the mattress for lengthy periods of time, how hard is to carry, and who will be using it.

The following five super-easy options have been chosen by us because they offer the best solutions for different needs. Some of these mattresses will be the most comfortable, while some of them may be the most versatile. The aspects you should think most about are the specific combination of features that will most closely match your needs. We think that there is a super-easy option for nearly everyone on this list.

5 Super-Easy Portable Mattress Options

1. Coleman Airbed Cot – Twin

Coleman Airbed Cot - TwinThe Coleman Airbed Cot – twin is a super-easy option for maximizing functionality.

Since you can either use the included cot to elevate the mattress or use it as a separate sleeping surface, you’re basically getting two full beds for the price of one.

Plus, the cup holder is an excellent utility for camping. This mattress is also great for accommodating guests who really don’t want to sleep so near to the ground.

Coleman Airbed Cot - Twin


  • Works great inside & outside
  • Strong steel frame can support the majority of people
  • Less bulging than found in other airbeds due to the special coil construction


  • Some people report that they have to inflate more frequently than desired
  • It’s a bit heavy for carrying long distances
  • The mattress is somewhat noisy

The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed2. The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed

The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed is a super-easy portable mattress option that provides an extra bed for those exciting sleepovers the young children in your community want to have together.

It has high compatibility with standard crib sheets with its signature tuck feature. Don’t want to hear the children roll around all night? No worries.

This little guy has a soft flock top to minimize all that noise. As for the children, they’ll be sound asleep, due to how comfy and cozy this mattress is.

The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed


  • Lightning fast inflation time of 30 seconds
  • Two years of full warranty
  • Takes up little room
  • Strong enough to support any young child and even some light adults


  • The rails are not that high to prevent falling off from heavy rolling
  • Not as durable as other inflatable mattresses

The Car Inflation Bed3. The Car Inflation Bed

The Care Inflation Bed is a super-easy option for people who are on the road often. The feather-like surface is quite nice to the touch.

There are separate inflatable cushions that give you flexible options for placing extra support where you need it.

This portable mattress will make those two people long road trips much more manageable, by allowing whoever isn’t driving to recover faster for their next turn to drive. The multipurpose design allows you to fit this option in Sedans and SUVs.

The Car Inflation Bed


  • Have peace of mind even with open drinks with its waterproof design
  • Great for sharing romances without the hassle of first getting a hotel room
  • Material has a decent thermal threshold of -13 to 140 Fahrenheit
  • Absorbs some vibration and noise for a more comfortable portable rest
  • Inflates in just 2 minutes


  • Will not retain full inflation for longer than 10 hours
  • Be careful – it is delicate and can be punctured somewhat easily from certain objects

AeroBed Queen 184. AeroBed: Queen 18″ Double Height with Headboard

The AeroBed: Queen 18” is a super-easy option for those who are looking for the best emulation of their regular bed experience.

The headboard that keeps your pillows in place is what sets this mattress apart from other inflatables. The puncture resistant bottom allows you to rest peacefully, knowing that your bed will be safer all night and day.

AeroBed Queen 18


  • Great value
  • Mattress is built to last for years
  • Compatible with standard queen sheets
  • Allows your guests to feel like they’re home when it is time to go to sleep


  • Bigger than some other options – so it’s not meant for small spaces
  • May take a long time for the shipment to arrive

Milliard 6 Inch Memory Foam5. Milliard 6-Inch Memory Foam Tri-fold Mattress

The Milliard 6-Inch Memory Foam Tri-fold is a super-easy option for people who need something that can be ready to sleep or ready to move in a moment’s notice.

An unplanned guest presents no challenge for someone who owns this smart asset.With memory foam, whoever sleeps on this should be substantially comfortable.

The anti-slip bottom will help make sure there isn’t an annoying shifting of the bed whenever you or someone else changes their sleep posture. It also comes with an ultra-soft bamboo cover for added comfort.

Milliard 6 Inch Memory Foam


  • Trusted for almost a decade
  • Ventilated air flow design helps maintain a comfortable sleep temperature
  • The quality of air in your home will be unaltered due to it being CertiPUR-US certified


  • A bit pricey
  • Not a huge set of features
  • A little wide for some spaces such as a small tent

With these super-easy portable mattress options, you should have a better understanding of what best suits your needs. We liked options 3 (The Car Inflation Bed) and 5 (Milliard 6-In Memory Foam Tri-Fold) the best.

Option 3 turns cars into lodging solutions on the road and can save on hotel bills. Option 5 is the ultimate solution in terms of setup and mobility. Happy hunting.

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